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Speech Center VR is a VR educational platform that helps to become a better public speaker through a series of VR courses and gives a possibility to practice solo — all in unique, immersive and responsive virtual environments. Attend two courses - on mastering public speaking and handling stressful situations during a speech - and then practice a presentation in different locations.

First course 'Making Public Speaking a Reality' is presented by international journalist and anchor Sean Thomas sharing his tips and techniques for a speech to fully serve its goals in 12 targeted lessons. Second course 'Handling Distractions During a Speech' consists of 5 unique sessions with all possible scenarios containing different external factors intervening with a speech plan. And then practicing is very ease: just upload a presentation to your phone and display it in any environment you want.

Academic Value

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  • Psychology
  • English (EN)
Key Words
  • Public speaker
  • Public speaking
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Public speaking anxiety

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