VRducation: a new way to understand the world

In this first article, we want to introduce you to VRducation, a new initiative that focus on showing the benefits that immersive technologies can bring to traditional education and corporate training.

Our philosophy

VRducation is a content hub for accurate First and Third Party educational VR, AR and MR experiences. By accessing to VRducation, you will have access to a whole catalogue of experiences covering a wide range of topics from different thematic approaches.

Current issues

Actually, you can find many educational VR, AR o MR experiences in different stores o websites, but you can’t find all these experiences in one single place. For one topic like biology or history, you will find many experiences but you don’t know which one is better for your educational needs. And if you find the correct experience, do you know if this experience is based in trusting content?

What we offer

In the same place, teachers, researchers, VR/AR/MR developers and students will have the possibility to interact each other and find all the best experiences based on these technologies, to improve learning. For the teachers, this portal will be the place to present your ideas about how this technology can be use. Teacher also can find the best educational VR/AR/MR experiences for their working classes. Researchers will find in VRducation, the place to publish all the experiences or experiments based in these technologies. Educational experience developers will access to the possibility to validate their experiences with educational professionals and with the final public. We also give the possibility to access to huge community.

Why us

We are a focused transdisciplinary team that mixes Videogame Design and programming, 3D artistic modeling and UX design with VR ready management skills based on experience, giving us a full understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of VR/AR/MR as a technology. This, combined with a history of producing High Quality VR experiences for top clients and strong ties to the academic world, makes us a Ready-for-Action All-Around team!

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About the Author

Luis Calabria is passionate about new technologies, especially those that can generate a better quality of life or help to make an activity to be much more efficient. In 2005, he created the Simulation and Videogames Laboratory (Gamelab) in ORT University, one of the first laboratories in the region focused on videogames and simulation. In 2013, he started working in Virtual Reality development for real estate, entertainment and training and after several projects and many friends found along the way, he co-founded SimDesign VR Studio, the first Uruguayan virtual reality company.